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Our Mission and Purpose:

To help the beautiful people of Oklahoma see, discover and decide to value, appreciate, and enjoy the benefits of clean water in their home.

Our beliefs and values drive us as people and drive our business.

Here are some of our beliefs:

What we believe about tap water:

  • We believe municipal water companies do their best to treat the water.

  • We believe they use chemicals as the most cost effective way to treat large quantities of water.

  • We believe that chemicals and chemical byproducts are not beneficial to our bodies and health.

  • We believe the tap water situation in this country will not improve for quite some time.

  • We believe the tap water infrastructure could use some love and improvement.

  • We believe tap water is useful for many industrial purposes, not for consumption or bathing.

  • We believe the general population is becoming more aware of the potential risks of contaminants and impurities in their tap water.

  • We believe we should be grateful for the tap water that makes it to our faucet.

What we believe about business:

  • We believe that customer service and customer satisfaction is priority.

  • We believe that our products are only useful and helpful to you if it helps you accomplish your goals.

  • We believe having quality customers is priority over quantity of customers.

  • We believe that you shouldn't have to "hope" that your water is clean enough.

  • We believe in setting clear expectations.

  • We believe in proper installation techniques and taking care of your home.

  • We believe in proper maintenance.

  • We believe in thorough water testing and documentation.

  • We believe in over-filtering vs under-filtering.

  • We believe in referrals and word of mouth.

  • We believe in proper communication and availability.

What we believe about you as a customer:

  • We believe that as a human being, you are great and have the potential for even more greatness.

  • We believe that you shouldn't have "to settle" and that you deserve the best in life.

  • We believe that you take positive actions and want positive results.

  • We believe that you have a huge amount of un-tapped potential and we want the best for you.

  • We believe you can impact the community around you, and are a force for good.

  • We believe that as you eliminate the B.S. and contaminants around you, you will be able to pursue your higher calling.

  • We believe you deserve love, acceptance and at the same time need to be told to get your act together :-) (we all do).

Hopefully, you can see where we are coming from.

If you happen to agree or believe similarly to this, then we just may have a long and lasting relationship between us.

We hope so, and wish you all the best.


The Flow H2o

Also, if you happen to disagree with any statement above, please use the chat feature or even let us know in our contact page form. We would love to hear you out. Thank you.

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