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So you want to know more about this free water test?? AWESOME!

Here's What We'll Test For In Your 12 Point Free Water Test:

Chlorine - The stuff meant to kill bugs and bacteria, that also tries to kill us. We are just too big. You absorb it, you inhale it, and it attacks you everyday.

Chloramine - Another disinfectant, more harsh than chlorine, hard to remove, and they add ammonia to it. Causes respiratory problems and more.

Bromine - A disinfectant that's not regulated. It does help produce Trihalomethanes and other byproducts. Bad for skin, respiratory system, central nervous system and headaches.

Nitrate - AKA Septic, sewage, fertilizer... yuck... just yuck... When Nitrate is over the max contaminant level (MCL) it can kill babies, make them turn blue and they essentially suffocate. Not cool.... and gross..

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids. This could be many things but it affects your skin, your appliances, it destroys the effectiveness of your soaps, cleaners, shampoos, and conditioners. (Bad hair days much?....)

Hardness - Mostly calcium and magnesium ions. Calcium and magnesium isn't bad, it just messes with skin, hair, dishes, clothes, showers, water heaters, dishwashers, your BUDGET, yes these little guys cost you a lot of money in the long run.

PH - Not crazy critical, however its important to know and needs to be balanced.

Salinity - Salt in your water. Do people ever call you "salty"? Maybe its your tap water's fault. Again, we track this and watch how salinity changes throughout the year.

Chromium - This is important. Go watch the movie Erin Brockovich. It's a heavy metal and nasty stuff. "We no-likey..."

Surprise Test #1! - Here we have a little fun and love to hear your reactions :-)

Surprise Test #2! - More fun!

Surprise Test #3! - This is our favorite test!

*If you have a well, additional testing my be required.

"The water test was eye-opening, educational and quite entertaining!"

Learn more from the video below:

Not quite ready?

Ok cool. We got you.

Here are the top 10 reasons some people think they don't want a free water test.

See if any of these apply to you.

#1 - "I'm BUSY and have TIME CONSTRAINTS..."

This, we 100% understand. Time is limited. You also might want to consider just how much and how often you use your tap water. The impact your water has on your life is HUGE, whether positive or negative... This is worth your time and we'll do our best to keep it quick!

  • Our water testing team is trained for speed and precision – think of them as pit crew for your health and home!

  • Plus, our water testers are also kind of like clean water ninjas – they’re in and out before you know it, and they might even leave your home cleaner and better off than they found it!

Tap water quality is important and urgent. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Team of water testing ninjas - Tulsa and Oklahoma City water test

#2 - "I feel SKEPTICAL about a free water test.. Are you just trying to sell me something?..."

We do help people by installing proper water filtration systems in their homes. We want to collect data, entertain, educate and hopefully earn your business.

  • We’re not selling magic beans or snake oil here – just clean water, peace of mind and real fixes to real problems.

  • Our testers are like water detectives or doctors – they’ll find the truth faster than a Sherlock Holmes plot twist, then recommend a proper solution!

Feel skeptical about what's coming out of your tap. We pinky promise, our intentions are pure.

Water test Oklahoma City area and Tulsa area - Water detective. Water Doctor.

#3 - "I'm concerned about my PRIVACY and letting someone in my home..."

Privacy and safety are very important. We don't judge and we promise to respect you and your privacy. Every water technician has been vetted and verified. Your safety and privacy is our priority.

  • We understand that your home is your sanctuary, which is why our testers are like courteous guests who only stay long enough to ensure your water’s safety.

  • We treat your home like a secret garden – we’ll only explore the water, leaving no stone unturned, and your privacy intact.

What are you letting into your home through your unprotected pipes? How is tap water invading your home, health and happiness?

Water test Oklahoma City area and Tulsa area - Water detective. Water Doctor.

#5 - "I'm AFRAID OF BAD NEWS... The possibility of discovering a serious contamination issue can be daunting..."

True. The truth can be scary. Personally, we would rather know and be aware versus not know and stick our head in the sand. Ignorance isn't bliss. Ignorance can be foolish and irresponsible.

  • Remember, knowledge is power – and in this case, it’s the power to keep your water safe and clean!

  • Our test is like a guardian angel for your tap – it’s there to ensure your water’s purity, not to scare you!

We all hate bad news. Unprotected pipes and unfiltered tap water is FULL of bad news.

The Flow H2o - tap water guardian angel Tulsa and OKC


That's good. Here at The Flow H2o, we want GREAT, AMAZING, AWESOME, FANTASTIC, EXCEPTIONAL, and "THE BEST" water. We choose to protect ourselves and our families.

  • Satisfaction is great, but certainty is better – A test can serve as the gold seal of approval, confirming your water’s top-notch status!

  • Your water might be great, but we’re like the referees making sure it stays that way – fair and clean!

Just wait till you experience something better. You will be ULTRA satisfied!

Does your tap water pass or fail? OKC and Tulsa water filtration

#6 - "I'm concerned about the POTENTIAL COSTS of fixing my water..."

This can be valid. Most people don't know that having clean water is actually less expensive than just raw tap water. They also don't know that we have a special something up our sleeve to help make it the most affordable that we can.

  • Finding a problem early can save your wallet from a deep dive later – consider our free water test a financial floatie!

  • Investing in water testing is like buying stock in your health, wealth and happiness – the returns are pure and plentiful!

Your tap water is costing you more than you think. Don't let it rob you any more.

Home water filtration will save you money. The Flow H2o

#7 - "I don't understand why testing my water is important..."

We value your openness. Consider this: if there was something hidden affecting you negatively, you’d want to be aware, right? It’s the same with tap water. We aim to ensure it meets high standards, because settling for ‘good enough’ isn’t our way.

  • It’s like a health check-up for your home – and we promise, no needles involved!

  • Water testing is a simple step towards a giant leap for your well-being – it’s all about what you can’t see!

Not testing your tap water can be costly. What is more important than your health, wealth, family and happiness?

Water tests are important. Free water test OKC and Tulsa Oklahoma

#8 - "I currently TRUST my municipal water, I believe that my municipal water supply is already safe and regularly tested..."

The city does test your tap water and they do their best (hopefully). The water should meet their goals. Their goals just might not be as high as YOUR GOALS for you and your life.

  • Think of our test as a ‘trust but verify’ approach – because even the best systems can have an off day!

  • Our water test is like a fact-checker for your faucet – ensuring every drop of truth flows out!

Blind trust can leave you and your family very vulnerable.

Don't blindly trust your tap water. Ensure its clean.

#9 - "I've already HAD MY WATER TESTED and don’t feel the need for another test..."

Water should ALWAYS be tested. It's like making sure your significant other is happy and fulfilled. Some companies don't actually do a proper water test, they are more concerned with selling you their overpriced, overhyped systems. Not us.

  • Water quality can change faster than the weather – a follow-up test ensures you’re not caught in a chemical/contaminant storm.

  • Skipping a water test is like ignoring a ‘check engine’ light – it might be nothing, but why take the risk with your family’s health?

A test is great. Did you do anything to fix it? If not, why not?

Get your OKC and Tulsa Tap water checked engine light!

#10 - "I'm just INDIFFERENT, I'm not concerned enough to take action..."

Every now and then we run into people like this. In our opinion, it's quite sad. We do have compassion and know that they are on their clean water journey like the rest of us. We encourage you to take a step forward anyway, people never regret having cleaner better water in their lives. There are only benefits and no downsides.

  • Indifference is the biggest contaminant – it’s invisible but can affect the quality of your life!

  • Being indifferent to water testing is like ignoring a treasure map – you might miss out on the ‘pure gold’ of clean water!

What DO YOU CARE ABOUT? Do you see how clean water can affect that? Clean water affects EVERY aspect of your life.

tap water treasure map

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Let's just remember...

Why resist getting your tap water tested?

Why resist clean water?

Let's take our guard down and remember that clean water is a staple for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Do yourself a favor and at least take the time to learn about it.

There are only upsides and no downsides.

You deserve this and by now, hopefully, you can see that we love you regardless of whether you do invest in clean water with us or not.

Getting your water tested is the first step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Don't get in your own way. You deserve it.

If you still aren't ready, that's ok... we will pray for you.

At least follow us on social media and stay in touch.

We wish you all the best.

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